ok, everyone must be getting old

I realize that everyone must be getting old. hahhaha

huh, what was in my mind? why I was afraid of getting old, but everyone must be old.

Just curious, sometimes still want to go back to periods of adolescence, when im on seventeen. and sometimes want to go back to childhood that activities just playing, hanging out, swimming, biking, and other fun. and, if you make a mistake its will not be a problem, does not have any responsibility, and does not take learning as seriously now.

but, its impossible phii
* Slap my cheek *

life must go on
do not think something that is not possible

Just live life my lovely life now

do the best
and achieve my goals

by working hard
and sincere

phii good luck!
and remember, everyone must be getting old

ok, im 19th now! thank god for life that you gave:)

its my brother wish for me, hahhaa, i love him


11 respons untuk โ€˜ok, everyone must be getting oldโ€™

  1. ce berkata:

    happy bday phi…
    mjadi tua itu pasti, mjd dewasa itu pilihan, hhehehe iklan bgt

    mg makin cantik paras dan jiwamu…
    mg diberkahi usiamu..
    n moga cepet jd dokter yg bs mnolong org bnyk yg ngebutuhin ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. alfiiiiiiiiiieee
    HB yah syg ๐Ÿ™‚
    wisyuoldebest !!
    smg tmbh cantik dan sukses iah ๐Ÿ™‚
    muahmuahhh :*

    blognya bagus syg (wink)

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