(pics) Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

harry potter and the deathly hallows

these are some picts taken from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. maybe, it can reduce 2% of our curiosity. kkk


harry potter dan hagrid

its Hagrid’s time to pick up the real harry (harry potter at this time is divided / disguised to seven harry, by drinking the polyjus potions, to trick you-know-WHO and their assistants) will be brought to the hideout place that had been given a spell of protection.

harry potter n hedwig

Harry’s last time with his owl, Hedwig. Hedwig die and harry will lose one more soul who cared. (tears)

hermione doing dittany

when Ron was seriously injured, were treated by Hermione with Dittany, and assisted by Harry. umm, it’s cool if there was a pain to get better just by using Dittany, so what’s the doctor function ?? LOL  xPP

harry potter n hermione

Harry and Hermione discuss about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

harry potter and Ginny kissing @ deathly hallows

Harry and Ginny Kissing, the time is a day before Harry’s 17th birthday and before bill and fleur wedding party

xenophilius lovegood

Xenophilius Lovegood’s House. when Harry, Ron and Hermione come to his house to find out about the meaning of  Grindelwald’s sign (finally i know how Luna’s house is, hihi)

harry potter and the deathly hallows

idk where is this place taken exactly. maybe in xenophilius’s house or in bathilda baghsot’s house that was witched by voldemort

Death Eater

Death Eater a.k.a Pelahap Maut a.k.a Voldemort’s assistants, i guess it’s at malfoy fam’s house, in meeting time discussing about  the way to catch harrypotter up, kkk. i hate them !

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley

maybe its when Ron and Harry + Hermione sneak into the ministry of magic.  waitin for victims who will be disguised (loh?)

Harry, Hermione, Ron @ muggle's world

I think it’s  in the Muggles world, because in wizards world there’s no lamp as lamp behind their back. kkk. its when they’re hiding from death eater.

Hogwarts , hoggy warty wizardy

mantera perlindungan yang diluncurkan oleh para guru dan arthur untuk melindungi hogwarts dan sluruh murid hogwarts dari serangan Death Eater.

hogwarts war

during the battle at Hogwarts, the war between the Death Eater and  Hogwarts students, i wanna watching this scene as soon as posible xDD


i think enough for picts, i wish it made us as harrypotter holic feel more curious. kkk.. lets waitin for 19th November !! (ps, im sorry for the bad english :D)

credit picts : http://telegraph.co.uk

trailer here


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